Internet at Home

Internet v PC

I want to be connect at one place.

Internet for a traveling

Internet v notebooku

I want to be connect everywhere.

Internet in a mobile phone

Internet v mobilu

I want to surf a internet in my mobile phone.


At home
Internet ADSL Standard bez pevné linky (Internet ADSL Standard without a fixed line)
Internet ADSL Premium bez pevné linky (Internet ADSL Premium without a fixed line)

8 Mb

  • download up to 8 Mbps, upload up to 512 kbps
  • CZK 699 monthly

16 Mb

  • downloadu up to 16 Mbps, upload up to 768 kbps
  • CZK 849 Kč monthly


For a traveling

For normal users

  • CZK 399 monthly
  • Internet na cesty Standard

For demanding users

  • CZK 849 monthly
  • Internet na cesty Premium

Prepaid connection for occasional users

  • CZK 299 for a month
  • Twist Internet limitovaná edice (a limited edition)


In a mobile phone

For beginning users

CZK 24 for 24 hrs

  • Internet v mobilu na den


For beginning Twist users

CZK 39 weekly

  • Twist Surf+


For beginning users

CZK 139 Kč monthly

  • Internet v mobilu Standard


For occasional users

CZK 499 monthly

  • Internet v mobilu Premium


All prices are listed in CZK including 20% VAT.