With My T-Mobile, you can set up the parameters of your services at any time by yourselves.

You can quickly and easily change the settings of your services and mobile phone, activate new services and add-ons and check your Statements of Services.

My T-Mobile can be accessed via:

Website Personal zone WAP

Login to My T-Mobile

If you already have a login name and password.

Entry without registration
If you wish to enter My T-Mobile only once.

Steps you need to make in order to obtain your login name and password.

Website containing information about services, tariff plans and add-ons include a personal zone which allows you to set up the parameters of particular services and add-ons easily and directly.

The personal zone is marked in green and located in the right-hand top section of the website.

You can set up the service parameters anywhere and anytime. Accessing My T-Mobile via WAP is completely free of charge. Go to t-zones/My Services.

My T-Mobile allows you to:

Keep your account under control Set up service parameters Activate add-ons
  • Access your monthly Statements of Services online
  • Access the information about your spending online
  • Set up your monthly limit
  • Top up a Twist card while having the topped-up credit billed in the Statement of Services
You can sign up to the T-Mobile Bonus loyalty program, change your tariff plan, activate the Postm@an service and find the information about roaming and roaming add-ons before your trip to a foreign country. My T-Mobile is a user-friendly tool for activating add-ons such as Family, Girls Talk, Surf+, Surf&Mail+ and other.