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A comprehensive list of countries and applicable rates
Zone Outgoing calls Incoming calls Texts MMS Internet (CZK/MB)
Zone 1: EU, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Andorra 6,29 CZK 1,66 CZK 1,98 CZK 6,63 CZK 6,63 CZK
Zone 2: Switzerland, Kosovo, Makedonie, Moldavsko, Republika Srpska, Turkey, the USA, Canada, Russia, China, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Palestine, Hong Kong, Perto Rico 35 CZK 18 CZK 9,60 CZK 16,60 CZK 75 CZK
Zone 3: The rest of the world 69 CZK 49 CZK 14,60 CZK 21,60 CZK 360 CZK

All prices include VAT.
Zone 1: Incoming calls are billed by the second; outgoing calls are billed for the first 30 seconds and by the second for any additional time. Data is billed in 1 KB units.
Zones 2 and 3: Incoming and outgoing calls are billed by the minute. Data is billed in 10 KB units.

Useful information

  • Note: Billing can be carried out only after we receive information from the relevant roaming partner. As a result, billing for roaming services may be delayed and thereby charged up to two months after the use of such services.
  • When travelling to Cyprus, your phone may log into a network that does not belong to the EU zone. As a result, roaming services will be billed according to the current price list for zone 2, see prices above.
  • Activating a new SIM card means simultaneously activating the T-Mobile Roaming Start tariff. This tariff will automatically switch to T-Mobile Roaming after three months.
  • Incoming calls received when roaming abroad are billed as follows: callers pay the applicable rate for calls to the T-Mobile network according to their tariff while you pay the rate applicable for an incoming call – see incoming call prices above.
  • Receiving Incoming text and MMS messages while roaming is free of charge with the exception of text Info and MMS Info services, which are billed in accordance with the current price list.
  • The price of calls to numbers other than participating ones (e.g. audiotex services) depends on the type of call and the network in which the call was made. For more information on the pricing of such calls, please contact T-Mobile customer services.
  • Special calls (e.g. colour lines) are billed in accordance with the type of call and the network in which the call was made. The roaming partner determines the pricing of such calls. Charges also apply to calls to 800 xxx xxx numbers in the Czech Republic.
  • Calls made from ships (large ships, ferries, etc.) are subject to the rates applicable for zone 3.
  • Being close to a state border may result in your phone connecting to a foreign operator's network. To avoid this situation, you may wish to deactivate roaming services in your phone's settings or by using My T-Mobile.