Mobile Internet Tariffs


All tariffs support LTE, very fast and safe Internet connection.


All laptop tariffs include a modem, available from 1 CZK.


Speeds of up to 225 MB/s with the 10 GB tariff.

Data limit Maximum download speed Maximum upload speed Monthly charge (including VAT)
Mobile Internet 1,5 GB 1 500 MB 42 Mb/s 5,76 Mb/s 199 CZK
Mobile Internet 3 GB 3 000 MB 42 Mb/s 5,76 Mb/s 299 CZK
Mobile Internet 10 GB 10 000 MB 225 Mb/s 50 Mb/s 499 CZ
Internet for the day
For plans and Twist tariffs alike. Ideal for occasional weekend connections and vacations. Turns on once you connect to the internet.
24 CZK for 24 hours
25 MB data limit