Downloading speed up to 225 Mb/s and uploading speed up to 50 Mb/s.


LTE works in cities, villages or roads.


The best quality of your calls thanks to VoLTE technology.


Use safe LTE internet with no fear.

Did you know that:

  • Currently, we cover more than 93 % of the Czech Republic with the super-fast LTE Internet?
  • You can find our transmitter even on Praděd – the second highest mountain in CR?
  • We have our transmitters on most peculiar places, such as the Vinohrady tunnel and biological laboratory?
  • Not to interfere with the countryside, we have erected artificial pine trees that hold the transmitters?
3G (až 42 Mb/s) LTE (až 225 Mb/s)


We are constantly working on expanding LTE’s coverage. In addition to our existing coverage of Prague and Mladá Boleslav, this year, we will be focusing primarily on smaller towns, villages and less populated areas.

Maximum speeds of up to 225/50 Mb/s, frequencies of 800 and 1 800 MHz, bandwidths of 10 or 20 MHz.

For a comprehensive list of all of our LTE-enabled phones and modems, please refer to the “What do I need to surf the web with LTE?” section of this page.

In most cases, it is not necessary to replace the SIM card. Only the oldest types of SIM cards (issued before 2003) need to be replaced. Old SIM cards may be replaced at any of our outlets free of charge. Some SIM cards may require a remote update. More info can be found at My T-Mobile in the Mobile Internet/Connection Settings menu.

No, LTE technology is accessible in all data plans, packages and voice tariffs that contain a data component.