No obligations

No contracts required! Furthermore, with My T‑Mobile you have all your spendings under your thumb.

Top-up rewards

Get a reward every time you top up and make calls to the T-Mobile network for great rates starting at 1.50 CZK/min.

Call and browse

We have little something for everybody. Select between free calls and data with a bundle of your choice.

Cool benefits

Want more? You will find plenty of benefits in our Našim pro radost bonus program.

Basic rate
for all calls and SMS
Basic prices for your calls and SMS, if you call or text just sometimes or you don't want a contract.
Call 3.50 CZK / min.
Write messages 1.50 CZK / SMS
Internet for the day
For plans and Twist tariffs alike. Ideal for occasional weekend connections and vacations. Turns on once you connect to the internet.
For 24 hours 24 CZK
Data limit25 MB

How to top up

How to check your credit and how to top up.

Mobile Internet

Activate a prepaid card data package.

I want a tariff

No need to limit your calling and browsing.