Frequently Asked Questions



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How can I activate my SIM card?

A prepaid card is activated by the first outgoing call. You can call any valid phone number (e.g. our customer helpline 4603). This phone call starts the activation process, which lasts no longer than 24 hours. A SIM card with a contract is activated automatically. Activation takes approximately 48 hours from the signing of the contract.

How can I top up my credit?

An overview of top up options may be found here.

How can I pay my monthly bill?

There are many options, just choose the one you find most convenient:

  • Direct debit
  • Bank transfer
  • Postal order
  • At T-Mobile stores
  • On-line payment by card

Detailed information about payment options may be found here (Czech only).

How much does a text, MMS or call abroad cost?

The price of calls depends on the country you are calling. Sending a text abroad costs 5 CZK (including VAT). The price of an MMS varies according to your tariff.

I want to connect to the Internet abroad, what do I need to do?

You can connect to the Internet just as in the Czech Republic. Rates for data transferred are higher. We recommend activating a Data Roaming limit if it is not already active. This service monitors how much you have spent for data transmission in most European countries. When you reach your pre-defined credit limit, you will receive a warning. We recommend using one of our Travel & Surf data packages.

Do you have a list of T-Mobile stores?

Of course. A current overview of our brand and partner outlets can be found here.

What do I need to do in order to activate a new contract?

If you are from the EU, we will ask you for proof of identity (either a passport or identity card) and a second document in order to confirm your address in the Czech Republic. This may be a green card, permanent residence permit, long-term visa with proof of address, a diplomatic licence or a bank statement with an address in the Czech Republic (not older than three months).

If you are from a country outside the EU, we will ask you for a passport and a second document. The second document may be a permanent (or term) residence permit, green card, a long-term visa with proof of address or a diplomatic license).

How can I cancel voicemail?

The easiest way to cancel your voicemail is by sending a free text. All you need to do is send a message saying REGISTR_A to 4603. Your voicemail will be automatically cancelled and a free text alert for missed calls will be activated instead.

My Internet connection is not working, what went wrong?

There could be quite a few reasons. We have created a list of basic solutions that should solve the majority of issues.

  1. Turn your phone (modem, PC) off and on again. Yes, this simple procedure often helps.
  2. Try the T-Mobile configurator for your phone’s automatic settings. (Czech only).
  3. Try your SIM card in another phone, tablet or modem. There may be a problem with the hardware.
  4. If the SIM card is not working on another device, please visit a T-Mobile store and we will be happy to change your SIM card free of charge.
  5. None of the above has helped? Contact us on 4603 where we can help you solve the problem. We will need the following information:
    • When did the issue first occur?
    • A description of the defect.
    • Which your device do you have?
    • To where have you tried an Internet connection (address)?
    • Which solutions have you tried already?